1. No passive external healing – Choosing Active Inner Transformation
    You don’t wait for the music to somehow magically heal you. Instead, you use an empowering musical tool to alter your life experience.

  2. Immersive & engaging at the same time
    Immersive process that actively engages you to interact with different musical triggers that guide your awareness.

  3. Integrating mind, body and the 5 senses
    The deep emotion, thought or belief-based transformations are strongly experienced in the body and with the 5 senses

  4. Forming Positive Habits with musical triggers
    You form positive 'sticky' habits, replacing old patterns of limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs. With your daily rituals, they start to run on auto-pilot.

  5. Perfect balance of Being and Doing
    In daily life, you need a balance of being and doing. This kit empowers you with inner bliss, while operating at your optimum level.