Multisensory Kit - Conscious Music Code
Multisensory Kit - Conscious Music Code

World's first

Product LINE

with aromas & music

Multisensory Kit

Revolutionizing individual
& corporate wellbeing

individual & corporate wellbeing

Available only in Europe currently.
Multisensory Kit

Start feeling amazing

in your busy life


Experience a positive shift, immediately

with a powerful combination of aromas & musical journeys.

Tune into your senses for a beautiful embodied experience.

6 Products for

6 States of mind

Just relax

Deep relaxation, just chill & let go, better sleep

Beat the burnout

De-stress, deep release, regaining balance


Focus, productivity, building daily habits


Creativity, flow state, new ideation


Sense of belonging, empathy, team-work skills


Happiness here & now, happiness habits, joy

5 Components
in each product

Each product (multi-sensory kit) contains a scent bottle along with a personalised QR Code to the E-Music Kit (including journals & daily rituals)

Aromas Aromas
Guided Musical Journeys Guided Musical Journeys
Soundtrack Soundtracks
Journals Journals
Daily Ritauls Daily Rituals
How does it work?

How does it work?

We combine two powerful stimulators of the brain, music and smells, and consciously guide your awareness towards positive emotional & mental states. You experience immediate results.

As you journal through the process and practice daily rituals (with the music & aroma), you develop positive daily habits in terms of emotions and thoughts. Enjoy personal growth and sustain your wellbeing, simultaneously.